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The Phasevo Chronicles Game Jan 13, 2023

Finding your way across a new land...

Come explore the vast semi-open world of the Phasevo Chronicles. In a province called "Agubi + Agu Isles", which is a collection of interconnected islands. Expand your definition of "living" as creatures of all kinds come into our world, from the cute and cuddly, to the Deep Ones under the sea.

However do not worry, as even though it is an aquatic venture, there isn't "Too much water"!

You take on the role of a "Tamer" that is part of the "Phasevo Partner Program". Where a local scientist known as a "Phasesist" gives your first of many great powerful Phasevo creatures.

Take on the Various Nine "Arcs" to Victory.

Taking on the form of dungeons in traditional RPG's, in this game Arcs are more like gyms where Tamers battle it out in order to see who is stronger. However that wouldn't make for a compelling gameplay loop on its own, and so each Arc has a unique "Arc Leader". Each leader has a quest or trial that they have you accomplish before you are able to make into their respective Arc.

In the end of your Arc Journey there is an ultimate challenge for that Province, that is known to all as the "Pillar of Champions". Where each Tamer in the Pillar is known for their unique creature combinations, challenging strategy, and great respect for their leader the "OmniTamer".

Defeat these mighty foes, and you just might too become the OmniTamer!

Delve into the Abyss...

Dive under the sea to find points of interest UNDER THE WATER. Where you can find hidden Rifts, caves, creatures, and more.

Take control of a grand story, that centers around a mysterious myth named "Mistra".

You'll find hints and new discoveries on this ancient story.

At least while you aren't fending off pirates. Yes, I said pirates, who are also on a mission to find the secrets of Mistra's tale.

Find New Creatures that the World have NEVER Seen!

Your journey starts when the Phasesist gives you your first creature, as well as your first task. To find out what happened at a Phase Rift disturbance in a nearby seaside cave.

Some rifts are portals to another realm, and others are just mysterious events that cause some sort of local disruption. You can find over 50 in the Agubi Province, with more coming in future DLC!

With 19 Types for each creature to be based off of, and various "Supercharge" forms that enhance strong enough Phasevos. I.e. an "Overcharge" form for the "Energy Type".

Alternate Forms to Expand Your Team Variety!!

You already heard about the SuperCharge forms, but there are many others. Most creatures feature some evolutionary differences, such as different kinds of spots or genetic traits. Other forms are the Shine and Shadow forms, originating from the "Ordrr [Light]" and "Khaos [Dark]" Types respectively.

Meaning each creature could have multiple forms for you to compare and collect!!

You might think this is a monumental task, and it is however there is a secret... while the ideas came from real life mythologies or cryptids. The beta designs for most creatures are actually being generated by various Artificial Intelligence image generators! After a careful selection process to make sure there is balancing to the typings, creatures, etc. Then a human artist goes in takes their ingenuity into the design, and then makes all into a cohesive style. From there we draw the in-game sprite graphics.