The Mystery of Phasquin | Dev Log 5

Phasevo Monthly Chronicle May 2, 2023

As a mascot of the game, like Pikachu is for the Pokemon series, or how Agumon is for Digimon. This little creature has an important role throughout the game, and while I can't tell you how you're gonna capture it, or exactly what that crystal its holding does.

What I can tell you is that it is named Phasquin, and it is a Mind (psychic) type, and "Nebula" type. The latter being more for legendaries, and special forms.

Nebula is really powerful, and can be super strong against many other types.

The game hasn't made a whole lot of progress, but some designs being made in the back log. I'm learning about Crocotile and Sprytile, two useful tools to take 2D tilesets, and make it into a 3D world.

Shoutout to Moncrafty for some inspiration.

The Game made from AI

I'm gonna be honest here I have no qualms using AI to make this game, but I want to also make it clear that I also support human artists.

While I may use AI for the base, ideation, and even some coding; The remaining portions will be finished with humans. Have that final touch.

I'm an digital artist myself, and as a prolific content creator an artist that way as well. I know how scary this whole new AI world can be to our line of work. However it really is more a blessing than a curse. Nothing is stopping you from working on art just because a robot can imitate it.

You are unique, you are special, and you have your own style. You're an artist, and that is what matters.