About this site

About the world of Phasevos, and the site trying to contain them all!

The Phasevos Chronicles is a monster collecting role playing game series, that focuses on mysterious creatures from across the multiverse.

They come in through phase rifts into our world, and we capture and tame them for the purpose of deeper understanding. Yes, some Tamers choose to battle with them, but others choose a more peaceful path.

This site was made to kickstart the launch of the first game in the series. You can learn more about it here:

START HERE: What is the “Phasevos Chronicles”?
It is a video game where you collect and battle fearsome multiversal creatures. Tame Phasevos coming out of “Phase Rifts”, and the Agubi Province.

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Fresh ideas, multiplatform, and nostalgia driven.

Tired of games that make you fall through the world? Do you just want to sit there on your couch or bed, and just catch some really awesome looking creatures?

Pick your device of choice, and hop onto the World of Phasevos!

More than just normal forms and shinys...

Look I love the concept of shinys as much as the next guy, but having a crappy recoloring (most of them were based on the limited GB color selection) is not enough variation.

Each standard Phasevo will have slight variations to their sprite designs. It could be a different patch here, additional leaves for the Flora type, etc. It doesn't change their stats, but can at least make your team feel a bit more unique. There are a limited amount, so it isn't like there are 300,000 SPIN pattern DAsigns..

Beyond that there are even more forms than the standard variations. I simply wanted to give the basic creatures more variety, but from there you have Shine forms which are based on the "Ordrr" type (light).

Next you have the SuperCharge forms, which are dramatic transformations for specific creatures. Not every creature will have them, but they change the design to look like they are overflowing with energy. With enhanced sprite graphics for each SuperCharged form.

There are couple more forms, but for now let's keep those under wraps.

Start your journey!

This game is currently being developed by a solo dev, and that means it might take a while. I'm just as eager to get it out to the world however because the ideas just keep coming.

I made this site in order for you to get a taste of what to expect, know when/if the kickstarter is happening, and on any updates to the game DEMO!


When will the game be released?

Well ideally I'd be able to do the basic versions by the end of the year. I.e. Windows, Android, and then from there Linux and Mac. No plans for iOS for now. Consoles are at a later point due to how long they take.

What engine are you making it in?

I am using Godot, right now V3.5, but perhaps 4.0 when it comes out. I looked at pretty much all the game engines, and GameMaker Studio2 really caught my eye because of the amazing MonTamer Maker by Yana. However I felt that Godot allowed for more futureproofing.

How many creatures are in the game?

The first game is planned to have around 100, with perhaps added DLC later. That seems like a lot to some, and too little to others. However I decided to go wide rather than deep. As I have given each of those 100 creatures 4-5 forms EACH. Not counting standard deviations.

What is this inspired by?

It is a constant battle in the Monster Taming genre what to call the genre itself, but "Pokemon-like" is a popular way of doing it. At least for games like this, as it is the most well known. There are other game styles in the Monster Taming arena.

Surprisingly enough, Octopath Traveler, a phenomenal RPG. That honestly down the line I'd love to make a Phasevo Octopath game with them.

I also took inspirations from Digimon.

This whole project got started because of ChatGPT, and how it helped me flesh out my ideas I already had.

Who are you?

I am Dustin Miller PolyInnovator. The last part of my name being my "Personal Brand" of content that I create prolifically. I spent the past decade blogging, and half a decade doing videos and podcasts. 2023 was going to be the year that I started game streaming more, and creating gaming related content.

Little did I know that I'd become obsessed with MAKING my own game.