A Start-er to Remember! | Dev Log 4

Phasevo Monthly Chronicle Apr 4, 2023

This is the grand reveal of the first 3 starters of the Agubi Province, and I am excited to say that these designs were thoughtfully created.

Using artificial intelligence to come up with the beta designs, and a talented artist to make them into a more refined style.

A bit of Pokemon, a bit of Digimon, and a lot of Phasevos!

You never know where your Partner Phasevo will take you!

You have set off on your journey to complete the PhaseTasks for the Phasesist, and you now have to pick your Partner Phasevo to help you complete the aforementioned PhaseTasks. Which one do you pick??

The Solar Powered - Voltweeter:

Voltweeter Phasevo by PolyInnovator - Hikoku | (Please do not claim as your own)

An Energy and Mecha evolution line, although this little bird is just Energy!

While the line is inspired by the great Thunderbird, this little solar powered creature gets it's power from the Sun above.

It can take to the sky and juice up it's power by spreading it's wings in the sunlight!

The Hardrock - Angustone:

Angustone Phasevo by PolyInnovator - Hikoku | (Please do not claim as your own)

A Terra and Sound evolution line, although this rocker is just Terra!

The power of sound is nothing to be trifled with, and even though this rock creature is a bit small. There is a lot of power behind it's strikes.

It channels soundwaves reverberating from inside it's hollow chest to create powerful sonic attacks.

The Arionsteed - Stirecolt:

Stirecolt Phasevo by PolyInnovator - Hikoku | (Please do not claim as your own)

A Flame and Fauna evolution line, although this brave little horse is just Flame!

Is it faster than a speeding bullet? No. However this foal is blazeingly fast, and has the heart of fire to keep it going.

The Sniper - Takacolyte:

Just like you never would see a sniper coming, this Phasevo is actually going to stay hidden for the time being.

realistic bubble question mark.
Photo by D koi / Unsplash

What I can reveal is that it will be an Elixir and Aqua evolutionary line, and with that some really interesting gameplay can be had!

Progress is still Progress, even if it is slow!

Mainly last month came all of the work going into the designs for these starter creatures. I had taken a week off from everything to enjoy a nice (and well needed) vacation.

While I still haven't gotten into the development side of things much yet, there are a lot of things to do in the backend as well.

Not to mention keeping up with my normal range of content.

I hope you like this little creature reveal, and I'll have more for you soon!