AI Concept art for AguPore and AguSinga

A Lacking Phasevos Development | Dev Log 3

Phasevo Monthly Chronicle Mar 2, 2023

The game started out of nowhere, and it sort of pushed all of my content plans back. February became what January was supposed to be.

Since I spent all my time on the game in Jan, then I did the opposite to catch up in Feb. Had a ton of content to make!

This month I am hoping to work in a more balanced capacity. One thing to note is that this game is not meant to come out as soon as possible. I'd like it to, but I have no deadline yet. There are too many other projects with a higher priority to be honest. The main deadline is to get the demo out this year, that way we can do a kickstarter perhaps at the end of the year.

I didn't do much, so here is what I did do:

I worked on the sprite base some more, as I still need to finish the eight way directions (something I'm not used to tbh). I made some headway on that, and lost some progress on other graphics. Turns out Itch will replace the file you were working in, even if you edit it, so I lost a couple buildings and such. Although I guess that is how it works with that tool.

I came up with an idea and world map for a Pokemon and Octopath combo game, and while I don't think that would ever happen. I am leaving open the opportunity for a Phasevos and Octopath game to happen. I think that would be super interesting.

Finally, I started checking out those open source code bases more. That is what I need to do, disect how they work, and figure out how it will play into my scenes and game.

Here is what I intend to do:

Since I'm gonna be super busy this month with content, I have the launch of the PolyCast season six, PolyInnovator Gaming channel content, and more. What I am planning is to go through all 12 of the code bases, copy anything I might need, write down which ones I used (I might shout them all out however), and then by the end of the month hopefully have a baseline code base myself.

Meaning I have player movement, and a basic structure of scenes (godot engine).

Honestly, I'm really nervous about making the maps because it seems a lot harder than it originally seemed. Also I had a tough time making one for the mini Zelda knockoff I was working on. Perhaps I need to find a better autotile system, or update Tiled. Howver if making the maps are gonna take that long, and the maps I have planned are pretty big... yikes.

Phasevo Announcement!

I figured it would be wise to start sharing a handful of creatures that populate the Agubi + Agu Isles province, so here is Lunabbit

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Created by AI, but designed by the fantastic human "Hikoku" (their artist alias).

A transitional time!

While I didn't do a whole lot last month I shouldn't say that I was inactive. I created dozens of concept art (like you see in the header), and worked on some small things.

What matters is that you stay active in something to work towards finishing the game. I wish I did things daily like I did in Jan, but as long as you make that 1% progress!